Secure your money.
Save your time.

A powerful web application that connects the POS for your bar, restaurant or cafe to industry leading stock, accounting and reporting solutions.

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As your business grows, it becomes
easier to lose track of your money.

Are you seeing all your sales? How much stock
is missing? How much profit are you really making?

Complicated reporting?

Time is limited. Hard to read reports that are hard to get stop you from keeping on top of your company's performance. Data points are often limited and it can be difficult to spot trends before they become a problem.

Bad inventories?

Inventory software is often hard to use, complex and time-consuming. Inventories are often performed poorly, making them even less useful at helping stop theft and wastage.

Data entry slow (and wrong)?

Sales receipts have to be checked against sales from the POS. Deliveries entered in your stock control software have to be entered again by your bookkeeper, and again by your accountant. This takes time and increases the chance of error or fraud.

Connect all
your data in
one place.

Automate the collection and input of your company's data into one fully-connected system.

Key reports sent daily,
weekly and monthly

The most important data for your company combined into reports sent as soon as your locations close. Other reports show key trends and allow you to easily compare the performance of your stores. Reports can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

Deep integration with
your POS system

All activity on your POS is automatically imported. This data is used when entering sales receipts so revenue can't be hidden. Product movements are calculated instantly. No need for the manual entry or updating of any data. Totally hands-free and secure.

Automatic entry of
deliveries and expenses

Deliveries can be received directly from your suppliers. Expenses can be emailed and processed automaticlally. The chance of error or fraud is greatly reduced.

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